This is Hallowe’en!

Pumpkin Pixie by Rachel Anderson

Who else is getting really excited about Hallowe’en now we’re in October?

Now to share some more witchy and pumpkin themed art 🙂


Little Candy Witch by Jasmine Becket-Griffith


A Pumpkin Gift by Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Hallowe’en’s Tale by Ana Cruz


Hallow’s Eve by Jessica Allain


Winds of Halloween by Molly Harrison


Red Skies of October by Molly Harrison


October Woods by Molly Harrison


Dragons Love Candy Corn by Amy Brown


Halloween Witch Faery by Amy Brown


Witch’s Brew by Amy Brown


Strangeling: The art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith

a little batty

I have been a fan of the gothic fantasy art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith for several years now. In fact, it seems like such a long time ago since I first stumbled across her art that I can’t even remember how her art came to my notice.

I think what initially struck me about her paintings, was how they could be so dark, but so vibrant at the same time. Her paintings have a lacquered effect that really makes the images pop off the page. It’s also impossible not to notice her big-eyed beauties who are always imbued with such attitude, either by their pose or almost brattish facial expressions!


Jasmine models her faeries, pixies, nymphs and mermaids on herself. You can see why!


You can tell she didn’t need to root around for inspiration for those big eyes in her paintings!

I think what I probably find most appealing about Jasmine’s paintings, is that they are dark, but they’re also colourful and fun. You can’t help but look at her paintings of her whimsical characters and smile. They’re so endearing and charming.

I absolutely adore Autumn, and her Hallowe’en themed paintings have a special place in my heart:

a pumpkin gift

I love collecting fantasy art prints, figurines and books. Books, I particularly love. I have so many prints that I haven’t managed to get framed yet, so it’s lovely to be able to collect fantasy art in book form and Jasmine does tend to spoil her fans as she has 3 books containing her art so far.

Her first book, Fairy was published back in 2005.


I got it soon after it was published and it’s wonderful to flick through. Of course, this book was published a few years ago now and Jasmine is an extremely prolific painter, so I was extremely happy when she announced she was planning to release three “Portfolio” books of her favourite paintings in a gallery-style. I bought her Portfolio Volume I last year and it really is lovely. It contains artwork from 2005-2008.


Jasmine was advertising that she could sign and personalise copies of her book, so I requested mine to be signed “For Moomin Lou”. I really love this book and have been eagerly anticipating the release of Portfolio Volume II. I was browsing Jasmine’s website a few days ago and was really excited to find out that it had been released. Unfortunately, this time, she is unable to sign and personalise this book due to the book shipping directly from the publishers. That is a shame because it is nice to have books signed by the artist, but I’ll still be buying it.


This book contains 64 colour pages of her art between 2008-2009. Unfortunately, I have to wait before I order this book, but once pay day arrives, it will be purchased and I can’t wait to see it sat alongside my other books by Jasmine.