Disney fan art by Elf-in-mirror



A brief departure from my Hallowe’en inspired postings; while on one of my regular hauntings of DeviantArt, I came across some pretty Disney inspired art by Elf-in-mirror.



I do enjoy Disney films, and I do find it interesting seeing different twists on the characters, particularly when the art gives a more adult characterisation.



Considering the number of Beauty and the Beast inspired images of Belle, it’s safe to say that this character is Elf-in-mirror’s favourite to digitally realise, and I can understand why. I really like the gothic twists. You can’t go wrong with a good corset,

gothic_beauty_by_elf_in_mirror-d4y7af9 belle_by_elf_in_mirror-d38sm2s


I’ll be checking back often for new paintings!



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