Not in Kansas any more….



I’ve recently fallen in love with these two paintings by Helen Green. I really love how traditional and innocent they look.

My favourite has to be this lovely painting of Dorothy and Alice.



It’s a perfect fusion. Both girls becoming lost in another world and I really love the idea of them just sitting together with a cup of tea and sharing their weird and wonderful experiences. It’s an ideal pairing with both girls being dressed similarly and Dorothy having a dog, and Alice with her cat.



The Various Guises of Harley Quinn



I’ve really been pleased to see the recent incarnations of Harley Quinn, especially in the new Arkham games.

Today, I’ve been watching my husband play Injustice: Gods Among Us and it’s been great to see Harley again. This time she’s in even saucier attire!

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One of my all-time Harley paintings is by one of my favourite artists, Greg Horn. A fabulous and amusing fusion of the old and new.

Joker Greg Horn