Victims, aren’t we all…?

For quite a few years now, there have been threats of a remake of The Crow including rumours of Mark Wahlberg (the horror) and Bradley Cooper apparently in talks to don the makeup.

The original of The Crow is incredibly dear to my heart for many, many reasons. Brandon Lee was incredible as the tragic Eric Draven.


Were it not for his terrible and untimely death while filming Eric Draven’s death scene, I firmly believe it would have been the film that would have made his career. Indeed, I would have liked to have seen him as Neo in The Matrix. It is clear how much he invested himself into this role.

My husband commissioned this piece of me “Crow-ised” for my 30th birthday.


We even had the quote “real love is forever” piped around our wedding cake.


The remake talks have been on again/off again for ages now and while I’ve loved a lot of remakes/reboots, Christopher Nolan’s wonderful Dark Knight Trilogy to name but one, The Crow, for me, has been sacrosanct.

I’m not just protective of it because it’s been my favourite film since I was 13 or because I can’t imagine anyone filling the role like Brandon Lee, but I’m wary due to the car crashes of the sequels and failed tv series.

Personally, I’ve always felt that the mythos of The Crow does stand up to other films and stories. If the crow could bring back Eric Draven from the dead to deal out justice, surely it has done it before and can do it again. I’d have liked to see an anti-heroine, for example.

But, the attempts they have made have been done badly and it just seems like they stumble from one mess to another in a bid to seemingly flog a dead horse.

Now, I have read that Tom Hiddleston of Loki fame is in talks to play Eric Draven and even sent a makeup test that he did himself at home.

I can certainly imagine him in the makeup with his Loki hair, and he has proved that he could give that slightly insane edge.


I still don’t know how I feel about a remake, but hearing that Tom Hiddleston might be the lead actor, doesn’t fill me with as much dread, but I still have a very strong feeling that they shouldn’t touch the Eric Draven story. It doesn’t need remaking. Brandon Lee was amazing, the story was wonderfully dark and atmospheric, it was beautifully scored and the soundtrack was edgy. 

Leave it be.


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