JuliSnowWhite Digital Art


I first came across the very striking dark and fantasy digital art of JuliSnowWhite a few months ago during one of my many wanderings on DeviantArt.

Her digital paintings are so vivid and detailed, whether they’re colourful or dark.


She makes commissioned artworks for book, cd and dvd colours.

She draws inspiration from fantasy themes and the paintings that seem to draw me in the most are the ones based on fairytales.





To contact Juliana regarding commissions, you can leave her a message on her website.



Of course, the darker paintings have their obvious appeal to me….


Obviously, I always like a strong female figure in gothic finery, but her backgrounds are so detailed and mysterious too.



I’ve asked if there are any plans for an art book. Fingers crossed!


Ana Cruz Arts ~ Tales of a Secret Realm

It is with much excitement and delight that I have been reading the news about the wonderfully talented Ana Cruz releasing her first art book.

I have previously blogged about Ana Cruz’s stunning gothic art and I have impatiently waited for an art book to add to my fantasy/gothic art library.

Ana released a beautiful teaser of the book, due for release very soon.


It looks gorgeous. It will be available in paperback and hardback. I’m hoping to purchase the hardback. I can’t wait to curl up with this accompanied by some ethereal music.

And with Hallowe’en being in the recent past, this image has been my favourite of the season.


I had some wonderful artists to draw inspiration from for my wedding dress and Ana was one of them as I love the gowns in her paintings.


Keep an eye on Ana’s Facebook page for more details regarding the release of her exciting new book.