Romantic Fantasy Toasting Flutes

Our dragon toasting flutes looked stunning on our wedding day and fitted in so perfectly with our theme. We got them from Magical Omaha who were lovely to deal with and included a really nice card with our flutes.

They now have pride of place in our display cabinet in the kitchen and I thought they deserved their own blog post, along with the other beautiful toasting flutes available from them and also places like Crystal Realm.

I’m sure they have toasting flutes and chalices that would be perfect for your fantasy or gothic themed wedding and it’s great that you have a choice of glass colour.

We displayed ours next to our cupcake tower, but these pewter and glass flutes will be striking wherever you display them.


2 thoughts on “Romantic Fantasy Toasting Flutes

  1. cheryl says:

    i would love to know where to look for these as would like a set for our wedding

  2. Apologies for the late response. I included a couple of website links in this post where you can purchase the glasses.

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