Quirky Cupcakes

Following my recent caketastic post, I got a bit addicted to looking at unusual wedding cakes and started to look around for some quirky cupcakes!

Do you like Hello Kitty and zombies? How about these cupcakes?

Aren’t they fabulous? I found them on Little Sweeties Cupcakes’ Flickr photostream!

Or, how about falling down the rabbit hole and having an Alice in Wonderland themed cupcake tower?

This was another Flickr find, this time courtesy of Natalie Bode‘s photostream.

Staying with the Wonderland theme, Molly Bakes also does fantastic cupcakes.

She has also done Hallowe’en themed cupcakes….

Many of you out there, like me, will be addicted to the game Plants Vs Zombies. Check out these fantastic cupcakes by The Bunny Baker!

Nightmare Before Christmas is always a popular gothic wedding theme and these character cupcakes by MonnsterCakes are wicked!


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