The Haunted Visions of Anne Sudworth


I’ve always felt a romantic attachment to trees. Whenever I think about Gothic art, I’m drawn in by depictions of atmospheric woodlands and haunted landscapes.

Alas, I have only been gifted with an appreciation for art and not the talent to pour that passion into a paintbrush or pencil.

I discovered the haunted paintings of Anne Sudworth a few years ago and immediately fell in love with their ethereal beauty.


There is something so evocative about trees in moonlight; a hint of the supernatural and unknown.

It’s not just the moonlight, however. Anne’s “earth light” paintings imbue her woods and landscapes with their own light source.


Anne’s paintings are so evocative. You can almost feel the cool breezes and hear the owls.

Happily, Anne has released beautiful books of her art. I am the proud owner of her collection of works Gothic Fantasies: The Paintings of Anne Sudworth


It’s beautifully presented and is one of my all time favourite gothic art books.

As any regular readers will know, I adore my beautiful black cat, Aragorn and I love gothic art that features black cats.


A few years ago, I visited Whitby for the Goth Weekend. Anne exhibits her art there and among her creations is a dramatic depiction of the famous abbey.


Anne’s paintings are a wonderful escapism. I could happily get lost in her woods.



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