The Comic Book Art of Greg Horn

A bit of a departure from the gothic/fantasy art I am wont to post here; comic book art is also something I’m a fan of. I was introduced to the art of Greg Horn by a dear friend. He has always been a kindred spirit for me where gothic and fantasy art is concerned. We also share a penchant for superhero and vengeance films, although he completely leaves me behind with his knowledge of comics and graphic novels.

It was after seeing his copy of Greg Horn’s book, The Art Of Greg Horn: 1 that I went away and purchased my own copy. My friend knows me well, he knew I was a fan of the art of Rob Larson and had a feeling that Greg Horn’s book would be right up my street.

He wasn’t wrong.

I’m a big Batman fan and love superhero films when they’re done well like Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe and the recent Avengers canon. As you can imagine, I’m hugely excited about the release of The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers Assemble.

I think the detail in his paintings are amazing and they’re just so cool.

The colours are so vibrant, but I like the hard don’t mess with me edge to the characters.

His paintings are a real feast for the eyes and there is such energy and storytelling in his work.

His work is not restricted to comic book characters. He also does fantastic paintings based on video game and film characters. I adore this painting of Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.

Check out his website and books, you won’t be disappointed.


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