Masquerade Ball themed wedding


Back when I was daydreaming about castle weddings, it was very easy to take the next step to thoughts of masquerade balls.

They make some beautiful masquerade masks at Venice Masked Ball in various styles and themes for a very reasonable price.


These masks are decadent and designed to stand out from a crowd and awaken a nostalgia for another era.


Whenever I thought about ballgowns I was always just a mouse click away from FairyGothMother who sell sumptuous corseted prom and ball gowns.


Just imagine matching up fabulously feathered masks with all of the decadently divine taffeta and tulle skirts.


The Dark Angel also have some stunning dresses that would be perfect for a ball.


As ever, I cannot rate them enough for the quality of their products and services. Their gowns are so striking and romantic.


They also have a fantastic range of coats, capes and waistcoats for gentlemen.


The brocades they use are gorgeous and the colours are so rich.


The capes conjure up brilliant visions of highway men and carriages on a moonlit road.


2 thoughts on “Masquerade Ball themed wedding

  1. […] back to my masquerade themed wedding post, this would be an amazing addition to that […]

  2. […] back to my masquerade themed wedding post, this would be an amazing addition to that […]

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