Silver Stars ~ faery and fantasy art by Rachel Anderson


I have been inspired to devote a blog post to the art of Rachel Anderson since a good friend of mine posted the above latest artwork. It’s no secret that I love the colour purple and this stunnng painting really cheered me up at a time when I was feeling really quite gloomy.

Rachel’s website has been a fixture in my internet bookmarks for a while. I think her use of colour is striking and her subjects are brought into sharp focus by vibrant hues and soft backgrounds.

One aspect of her paintings that I am particularly drawn to are the poses. They often strike a note of innocence and vulnerability that really pull me into the emotion of the piece.


This is one of my favourite paintings. The lush garnet colour, the beautiful skirt and the emotional pose really strike a chord with me. This pose was inspiration for me when I was in my wedding dress.


I love paintings that awaken a longing in me for something….more; or makes me feel like I’ve found my way into another world and stumbled upon a private moment.


There’s a look of imploring sadness about this image.

As ever, I really hope that Rachel releases a book of her art that I can disappear into.


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