Maggie Sottero


Long before the wedding, I spent a long time haunting various websites and designers. Amongst them was Maggie Sottero.

I loved the dramatic and striking gowns and many of the gowns are available in different colours such as diamond white and pearl which provide a gorgeous sheen.


I knew that I was never going to feel right in a white dress and while the dresses are predominantly in the white spectrum, I was heartened that some dresses were available in more untraditional colours like red.


Aside from my own custom made dress, the only bridal gown I ever tried on was a Maggie Sottero design.


My experience of this dress partly inspired what would become my actual wedding dress.


Had I opted for this dress, I would have gone for the alternative colour option which was more me.


Maggie Sottero definitely offers the glamour and princess factor. Unfortunately, as with many couture and designer dresses, there are some poor reproductions out there so be careful. Where quality is concerned, you get what you pay for.


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