Leather Roses


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and my head being stuck back in weddings, what better way to acknowledge this than with the fabulous English Leather Rose Company.

They produce stunning leather roses in a variety of colours. Perfect for a Gothic wedding, alternative Valentine’s Day gift or just a stunning accent to any room….and being made from leather, you can keep them for always.

Back when my mother and I were helping to plan my sister’s wedding a few years ago, we bought some leather roses and they were beautiful. I’d encountered this company during my many daydreams about what my own wedding would be like, and I very nearly opted for the leather roses for my bouquet, but silk won out in the end.


I love the bouquets, especially with the lace accents. Now that my wedding has been and gone, I can only daydream about what other people’s weddings could be like, or how to add accents to my house!

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift with a bit of an “edge”, then you’ll love the barbed wire roses! They’re made using real barbed wire so do be careful around children, pets and delicate garments. For those of you who don’t really do Valentine’s Day, then how about an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” gift?!


If you’re more into the theatrical or burlesque, then Louise does some absolutely stunning burlesque themed roses, perfect for any burlesque themed wedding or party!


They even have fun burlesque names.

Louise also offers a bespoke service so if you see a design that you like but would prefer it perhaps in a different colour or arrangement, I’m sure she can accommodate.

I might not be shopping for a bridal bouquet any more, but I’m already imagining some of these flowers dotted around my house!

Be sure to also check out her bridal roses site! http://www.leatherweddingroses.com/


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