Boudoir Beautifying….


Since I haven’t had a wedding to plan, my thoughts have been turning to decor, particularly in the bedroom.

It could certainly use sprucing up a bit and I would like to make the wall behind our bed a feature wall. I immediately fell in love with this wallpaper. Our fitted wardrobe has purple door panels and our bedding is also purple damask themed.

For my birthday, my mother-in-law gave me a poster of one of my favourite wedding photos; me being tied into my corset.


Once I’ve got this framed, I think it would work really well on the feature wall I have in my mind.

In the next couple of days, thanks to some Amazon vouchers, I will be getting a pair of black bedside drawers and shortly, I will also be getting a black “baby” bookcase, so naturally, I have been looking at things to decorate them both with.

For Christmas, I got three really pretty purple vases and we have two of the table decoration from our wedding.

I think this arrangement would also work really well:


Other accessories that I have been “wish listing” include candle holders and photo frames….



It’s nice to have a project!


2 thoughts on “Boudoir Beautifying….

  1. Gina says:

    Hiya, what wallpaper is this?

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