Melissa Dawn ~ Spellbound Wings

It is with great sadness that I write to say that one of our family’s cats, Kizzy Kat, had to be put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. She was very old, but right to the end, still maintained her pretty, kittenish features. She was always a tiny cat.

This is a picture of her that I took a few years ago:

I was there when Kizzy was born. I was at primary school at the time (I’m nearly 30 now so that gives you some idea of how old Kizzy was) and our cat, Chloe who is still around now, went into labour just before I was due to go to school. It was pretty amazing to witness and even more amazing to see the kittens nursing, losing their umbilical cords and opening their eyes for the first time.

It was shortly after losing Kizzy, that I found the wonderful “Spellbound Wings” art of Melissa Dawn and seeing this picture really reminded me of Kizzy:

No matter how old a cat is, no matter how much you know it was the right thing and right time, nothing makes the actual event any less upsetting, but seeing the lovely black angel cats that Melissa Dawn has created, was comforting.

It’s no surprise that Melissa Dawn has commented on her own website that she gets a lot of e-mails from customers regarding their own beloved lost cats and it must be a wonderful feeling to know that you’re giving something back to those people. There’s no bringing back a feline friend, but to see them immortalised in paintings with wings, must bring some comfort.

I consider myself to be agnostic and don’t feel comfortable with religion, but looking at these images of angel cats does make me hope that Kizzy, our old cat KD and my little Arwen that was taken at a very young age, are happy wherever they are now.