Harley Quinn ~ Endearing Mentalist

“Don’tcha wanna rev up your Harley? VROOOM! VROOM!”

My fiancé and I are quite big Batman fans. We adore the Christopher Nolan reboot and read the graphic novels when we can and are partial to the The Animated Series that first aired during the early ’90s.

There is something oddly endearing about this rather dippy individual. Even though the Joker is essentially using and abusing her, as a duo, they’re so arresting.

During the frenzy for the release of The Dark Knight some brilliant fan produced posters for the third installment did the rounds, including a possible guise for Harley.

I love the echoes of Heath Ledger’s incarnation of the Joker and not only are these posters incredibly professional looking, but the casting ideas are rather inspired. I could really see Kristen Bell as Harley.

I love the fact that the character of Harley Quinn is so irrepressible that she fought her way into the Batman comic canon from the The Animated Series and I think she’s earned her place among the best of Batman’s enemies.

Last year, my fiancé went  mad for the Batman: Arkham Asylum game. I loved watching him play it because the game designers did a fantastic job with the characters and atmosphere and it was great to see (or hear rather) the voice actors, particularly Mark Hamill, from the The Animated Series back.

The game fits in nicely with Christopher Nolan’s films, and what they did design-wise with Harley is amazing. She looks awesome.

I like how they’ve paid homage to her Jester design roots, and introducing the nurse aspect, considering that she helps to hijack Arkham Asylum, is just genius.

I remember watching my fiancé playing the game and being transfixed by Harley every time she was on the screen. Her back-chat at “B-man” is just so loony and funny.

We’ve been watching the trailers and keeping up with any updates in relation to the upcoming Arkham City game and we’re really excited by the new design for Harley. I don’t think we anticipated the designers to surpass themselves, but they did and she looks lethal!

I’m also very happy to note that Arleen Sorkin is back to do her voice.

It’s great to see the Harley Quinn character having somewhat of a renaissance and I’m really pleased with the design direction!


One thought on “Harley Quinn ~ Endearing Mentalist

  1. […] I’ve already found several creations that I would love to have, particularly the stunning Harley Quinn themed jewellery. I adore Harley and have blogged about her before. […]

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