Arantza Sestayo ~ Wicked Kisses

It has been a pretty miserable couple of days for various reasons, so I thought I would update here in an attempt to cheer myself up.

I have been meaning to update for a while about Arantza Sestayo. She is another fairly recent discovery.

I think what immediately struck me is the detail and vibrant colours. The creases in the dresses look so real and this really complements the very striking poses that the artist employs in her images.

What I also love about her images is that they’re provocative, but vulnerable at the same time. The fact that most of the subjects are covered in blood and their garments half undone, it’s obvious that the subject isn’t innocent, but you’re on her side anyway, even if that’s at your peril.

This is a very suggestive pose. The woman looks like she’s in the throes of some tragic ecstasy and it’s not unlike a pose I’ve seen in a couple of Victoria Frances’ images.

I’m happy to report that Sestayo has a book out called Wicked Kisses which I believe contains all of the images above. I’m yet to own a copy but it’s on my watch list and I imagine it will really complement my current collection of art books.

I also love the fact that most of her images seem to be set in dark, mysterious woodlands, often adorned with pretty flowers and leaves.

Another artist that seems to tick all my boxes!


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