Morbid Illusion ~ Saloni Sinha

This artist was completely unknown to me until very recently. My fiancé got me a card for Valentine’s Day with this image on the front:

Not only was this card so very thoughtful on my fiancé’s part because he knew that this image would be right up my street, but it sparked interested in the artist’s other work so I tracked down her website Morbid Illusion and found several images that were also right up my street.

I love the punky look to this fairy and there’s  something quite intimidating and disturbing about her. The title Stay With Me is also quite chilling. There’s no escape or happy ending with this being.

This is such a gorgeous image. I love the  punky, jazzy look and the neon purple. The way she’s looking straight at the viewer with attitude, is just really cool.

She kind of reminds me Lady Joo Hee of Emilie Autumn fame, or Kanon Wakeshima.

Another Emilie Autumn reference, but this image really reminds of Emilie Autumn’s Ayslum for Wayward Victorian Girls. I think it’s the wallpaper! Also loving the outfit!

The colours in this image are really striking and it’s a very dramatic pose. It’s anyone’s guess if it’s the bats causing her such obvious discomfort, or some inner turmoil.


2 thoughts on “Morbid Illusion ~ Saloni Sinha

  1. saloni sinha says:

    Hey there,

    I stumbled upon this in google results. Thanks for the article 🙂
    Glad you like my works 🙂


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