Ethereal/gothic music

For me, nothing is better when I’m perusing my gothic/fantasy art on cold autumn/winter days than an accompaniment of ambient music, so I thought I would share my favourite music for these occasions.

First up, Narsilion:

Listening to Narsilion is like disappearing behind the veiled curtain into a fairytale land. There’s a wonderful music box quality to some of their songs and the female and male vocals really complement each other.

As you can probably ascertain from the name of the band, there’s some Lord of the Rings influence.

They currently have three albums which are all wonderful in their own way.




Trobar de Morte are a Spanish band and I was immediately attracted to them when I saw that Victoria Frances had done the cover art on one of their albums.  They describe their music as medieval fantasy folk music and it’s very appropriate.



Legends of Blood & Light

Artesia are a French band and their music is very ethereal, atmospheric and haunting. I particularly adore the violin in their songs.


Chants d’automne


Elane are another ethereal folk band and listening to them always puts me in mind of tales of King Arthur and Camelot.

The Fire of Glenvore

Lore of Nen

The Silver Falls


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