Ana Cruz ~ Lune’s Secret Store

I only recently stumbled upon the wonderful gallery for Ana Cruz during one of my many internet adventures and immediately fell in love with her gothic images.

There is a real sense of longing and wistfulness in the images that really pulls at something within me.

I love the settings of misty graveyards and mysterious ruins. I love images where it seems like the viewer has just stumbled upon the object; where the image doesn’t appear staged or forced. I get a real satisfaction in images where it feels like you’re privy to something very secret and personal.

The detail in the pictures are amazing.

The big appeal for me is that Cruz’s images tick so many boxes for me with the flowing locks, gothic corsets and elaborate skirts. A lot of her pictures remind me of ensembles you might find at FairyGothMother.

I’ve always adored dramatic and gothic dresses and the ensembles in Cruz’s images make me long for gothic balls or trips to Whitby.

A particular favourite manages to incorporate my love for black cats, gargoyles and long, flowing skirts. I love the sense of companionship and silent comfort that the feline seems to offer the forlorn looking lady. It really represents for me how wonderful my little black cat, Aragorn is who always manages to cheer me up when I feel low.

As ever, when I see images like this, I wish they were in glossy book form so I could disappear into them whenever I wanted. A computer screen just isn’t the same.

Failing that, there’s always her 2011 calendar!

I was really pleased when I found an image of a lady in a pinstripe outfit. There’s something so smart and flattering about pinstripe and it’s used for dramatic effect in this image.

The setting for this image is so evocative too. It looks so desolate but beautiful at the same time.

To end, Ana Cruz is definitely an artist I want to follow and hopefully one of these days, her images will be available in book form.


3 thoughts on “Ana Cruz ~ Lune’s Secret Store

  1. eileen madison says:

    I would like to buy a print. Please advise cost plus shipping cost to nyc.

  2. […] have previously blogged about Ana Cruz’s stunning gothic art and I have impatiently waited for an art book to add to […]

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