Suzanne Gildert ~ Gothic Fall

I stumbled upon the wonderfully evocative work of Suzanne Gildert while I was catching up on the latest news for some of my favourite artists. I’d recently discovered that Cris Ortega had another book coming out in her Forgotten series and this inspired me to search out some artists I wasn’t already familiar with.

I was instantly pulled in by the flowing and gothic nature of her art. I have a real weakness for mysterious and sensual gothic ladies in corsets and elaborate dresses.

What I think especially draws me to Gildert’s images, is that the subjects are often shrouded in mist or surrounded by ravens. It makes the images really haunting, atmospheric and intimate.

There’s a real treat on her website as each image is accompanied by a poem which makes the story being told in the picture seem that much more personal and evocative.

I was extremely happy to note that Gildert has released a book of art entitled Gothic Fall. Currently, it would appear that this is only available in Spanish so I am holding out for an English version which I hope will be more widely available.

As Autumn creeps ever nearer and my thoughts turn to Hallowe’en and the romantic I always seem to get when I see the leaves starting to turn and fall, it’s wonderful to have a collection of books to peruse that celebrate those feelings and embrace all that is dark and beautiful.

The title of Gildert’s book, Gothic Fall, is very dramatic. It leads one to jump to the conclusion of the famed fall from grace, but I prefer to see these images as a fall into grace.

…..and yes, it’s also about the dresses and flowing locks of hair!

This is probably one of my favourite images. It encapsulates so well that yearning for a lost love and my preference for long, flowing gowns. I’ve always found something really romantic and secret about window seats and the setting for this image lends a feeling of enclosure and quiet contemplation.

As if my penchant for gothic ladies and dresses weren’t sated enough, Gildert also manages to feed my passion for dragon art in this beauty:

This artist is definitely one to watch and I hope it won’t be too long before I have her book in my possession.


4 thoughts on “Suzanne Gildert ~ Gothic Fall

  1. Aaron says:

    I was looking up some information for an eBay listing on this book when I found your blog, and I thought you might like to know we’ve just put the English version up for sale at

    Not trying to spam you, I promise! I just happened across your post while I was listing this and thought you might be interested.

  2. gothicmoomin says:

    Thank you for letting me know, very kind 🙂

  3. Karola says:

    Gibt es 2012 auch einen Kalender von Suzanne Gilbert?
    Danke für eine Antwort.

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