Oh My Giddy Art….

I have been absent for an appalling amount of time.

Life Stuff appears to have been able to take over my…err…life recently.

The main cause of my extended absence has been my preoccupation with wedding plans which are coming along wonderfully. My now fiancé proposed to me while we were holidaying in Norfolk back in February. It was a beautiful proposal and I will never forget how happy and emotional I was that evening!

We are to wed Monday, October 24th 2011. Our lovely venue has been booked and everything else has been pretty much sorted out too so now we’re just in a frenzy of trying to save as much money before the big day! Planning our wedding has been an absolute joy and it has been absolutely wonderful seeing all our ideas  coming together and forming a theme.

I have only been able to follow my love for fantasy and gothic art on a fairly casual basis. I’ve not had the time to devote to exploring new worlds and finding more lovely decadent gothic ladies in corsets and flouncy dresses.

Happily, I have found some time away from weddings and work and have discovered some wonderful artists who I shall post about in due course!


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