Morbid Illusion ~ Saloni Sinha

This artist was completely unknown to me until very recently. My fiancé got me a card for Valentine’s Day with this image on the front:

Not only was this card so very thoughtful on my fiancé’s part because he knew that this image would be right up my street, but it sparked interested in the artist’s other work so I tracked down her website Morbid Illusion and found several images that were also right up my street.

I love the punky look to this fairy and there’s  something quite intimidating and disturbing about her. The title Stay With Me is also quite chilling. There’s no escape or happy ending with this being.

This is such a gorgeous image. I love the  punky, jazzy look and the neon purple. The way she’s looking straight at the viewer with attitude, is just really cool.

She kind of reminds me Lady Joo Hee of Emilie Autumn fame, or Kanon Wakeshima.

Another Emilie Autumn reference, but this image really reminds of Emilie Autumn’s Ayslum for Wayward Victorian Girls. I think it’s the wallpaper! Also loving the outfit!

The colours in this image are really striking and it’s a very dramatic pose. It’s anyone’s guess if it’s the bats causing her such obvious discomfort, or some inner turmoil.


Ethereal/gothic music

For me, nothing is better when I’m perusing my gothic/fantasy art on cold autumn/winter days than an accompaniment of ambient music, so I thought I would share my favourite music for these occasions.

First up, Narsilion:

Listening to Narsilion is like disappearing behind the veiled curtain into a fairytale land. There’s a wonderful music box quality to some of their songs and the female and male vocals really complement each other.

As you can probably ascertain from the name of the band, there’s some Lord of the Rings influence.

They currently have three albums which are all wonderful in their own way.




Trobar de Morte are a Spanish band and I was immediately attracted to them when I saw that Victoria Frances had done the cover art on one of their albums.  They describe their music as medieval fantasy folk music and it’s very appropriate.



Legends of Blood & Light

Artesia are a French band and their music is very ethereal, atmospheric and haunting. I particularly adore the violin in their songs.


Chants d’automne


Elane are another ethereal folk band and listening to them always puts me in mind of tales of King Arthur and Camelot.

The Fire of Glenvore

Lore of Nen

The Silver Falls

2011 Calendars

It’s getting to that time of year where I start to think about the kind of calendar I want for the new year.

Next year is going to be a very special year because it’s the year that my fiancé and I are to be married.

I have been very inspired by fantasy and gothic art recently, so it would be nice to have a calendar by one of my favourite artists.

I’m currently torn between the following:

Cris Ortega: Forgotten 2011 Calendar

Suzanne Gildert: Suzanne Gildert Calendar 2011

I’d be happy with any of them though!

Direwood Figurine

I have been a fan of Nene Thomas for many years now. I am lucky enough to have several of her prints (though most of them are still waiting to be framed) and also have some of the figurines that have been made from her paintings. They’re absolutely stunning and I always get a bit excited when a new one is released.

This time, the inspiration is from her piece called Direwood:

As with most of Nene’s figurines, they are only available for a limited time. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to add this beauty to my collection at some point.

Ana Cruz ~ Lune’s Secret Store

I only recently stumbled upon the wonderful gallery for Ana Cruz during one of my many internet adventures and immediately fell in love with her gothic images.

There is a real sense of longing and wistfulness in the images that really pulls at something within me.

I love the settings of misty graveyards and mysterious ruins. I love images where it seems like the viewer has just stumbled upon the object; where the image doesn’t appear staged or forced. I get a real satisfaction in images where it feels like you’re privy to something very secret and personal.

The detail in the pictures are amazing.

The big appeal for me is that Cruz’s images tick so many boxes for me with the flowing locks, gothic corsets and elaborate skirts. A lot of her pictures remind me of ensembles you might find at FairyGothMother.

I’ve always adored dramatic and gothic dresses and the ensembles in Cruz’s images make me long for gothic balls or trips to Whitby.

A particular favourite manages to incorporate my love for black cats, gargoyles and long, flowing skirts. I love the sense of companionship and silent comfort that the feline seems to offer the forlorn looking lady. It really represents for me how wonderful my little black cat, Aragorn is who always manages to cheer me up when I feel low.

As ever, when I see images like this, I wish they were in glossy book form so I could disappear into them whenever I wanted. A computer screen just isn’t the same.

Failing that, there’s always her 2011 calendar!

I was really pleased when I found an image of a lady in a pinstripe outfit. There’s something so smart and flattering about pinstripe and it’s used for dramatic effect in this image.

The setting for this image is so evocative too. It looks so desolate but beautiful at the same time.

To end, Ana Cruz is definitely an artist I want to follow and hopefully one of these days, her images will be available in book form.

Suzanne Gildert ~ Gothic Fall

I stumbled upon the wonderfully evocative work of Suzanne Gildert while I was catching up on the latest news for some of my favourite artists. I’d recently discovered that Cris Ortega had another book coming out in her Forgotten series and this inspired me to search out some artists I wasn’t already familiar with.

I was instantly pulled in by the flowing and gothic nature of her art. I have a real weakness for mysterious and sensual gothic ladies in corsets and elaborate dresses.

What I think especially draws me to Gildert’s images, is that the subjects are often shrouded in mist or surrounded by ravens. It makes the images really haunting, atmospheric and intimate.

There’s a real treat on her website as each image is accompanied by a poem which makes the story being told in the picture seem that much more personal and evocative.

I was extremely happy to note that Gildert has released a book of art entitled Gothic Fall. Currently, it would appear that this is only available in Spanish so I am holding out for an English version which I hope will be more widely available.

As Autumn creeps ever nearer and my thoughts turn to Hallowe’en and the romantic I always seem to get when I see the leaves starting to turn and fall, it’s wonderful to have a collection of books to peruse that celebrate those feelings and embrace all that is dark and beautiful.

The title of Gildert’s book, Gothic Fall, is very dramatic. It leads one to jump to the conclusion of the famed fall from grace, but I prefer to see these images as a fall into grace.

…..and yes, it’s also about the dresses and flowing locks of hair!

This is probably one of my favourite images. It encapsulates so well that yearning for a lost love and my preference for long, flowing gowns. I’ve always found something really romantic and secret about window seats and the setting for this image lends a feeling of enclosure and quiet contemplation.

As if my penchant for gothic ladies and dresses weren’t sated enough, Gildert also manages to feed my passion for dragon art in this beauty:

This artist is definitely one to watch and I hope it won’t be too long before I have her book in my possession.

Oh My Giddy Art….

I have been absent for an appalling amount of time.

Life Stuff appears to have been able to take over my…err…life recently.

The main cause of my extended absence has been my preoccupation with wedding plans which are coming along wonderfully. My now fiancé proposed to me while we were holidaying in Norfolk back in February. It was a beautiful proposal and I will never forget how happy and emotional I was that evening!

We are to wed Monday, October 24th 2011. Our lovely venue has been booked and everything else has been pretty much sorted out too so now we’re just in a frenzy of trying to save as much money before the big day! Planning our wedding has been an absolute joy and it has been absolutely wonderful seeing all our ideas  coming together and forming a theme.

I have only been able to follow my love for fantasy and gothic art on a fairly casual basis. I’ve not had the time to devote to exploring new worlds and finding more lovely decadent gothic ladies in corsets and flouncy dresses.

Happily, I have found some time away from weddings and work and have discovered some wonderful artists who I shall post about in due course!