Cris Ortega ~ Forgotten

I have referred to Cris Ortega in a previous post and it seems fitting to devote a post to her since I got into her as a result of looking for artists in the same sort of vein as Victoria Frances.

Cris Ortega also hails from Spain and she has published two equally lavish books with Norma Editorial (publishers of Victoria Frances’ work) in her Forgotten series. This series is a collection of haunting tales, beautifully illustrated and well told.

The stories are filled with haunted houses, tragic passions and restless spirits.

I love the atmosphere in Cris Ortega’s images and the realism, especially in the faces.

Call me superficial, but again, I love the prettiness of the women and the gorgeous dresses they wear so well.

There’s something so…..smooth about the images. Like looking on a dream.

Most of her images are quite dark, but every now and then, she produces these wonderful images where everything seems to glow, with a real warmth.

I find it amazing, the depth and emotion she works into the facial expressions of her ladies. There’s always a hint that things aren’t all what they seem. This next image is a perfect example. There’s a real sense of sadness and vulnerability in her pose, but there’s nothing vulnerable about the deadly knife she’s holding so close.

I only hope that there are more books to come.


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