Tales from Fairyland ~ Charlotte Bird

Charlotte Bird is the creator of some of the most charming “fairy photography”. I remember first seeing her work in an issue of Faerie Magazine and immediately falling in love with the atmospheric pictures. There’s something so evocative about the images. It’s like having a wonderful glimpse of bygone eras and the sense that the faeries do live among us, if we just looked hard enough.

I have always been a stay at home type person. I love the comfort and snugness of curling up when it’s dark and cold outside with a scented candle burning, a cat to snuggle and a book to disappear into.

Charlotte Bird’s images have such a homely and reassuring feel to them.

I have always loved the festivities around Christmas. I love writing cards, wrapping presents, decorating the house with Christmas trimmings and listening to Christmas songs and carols. It’s no surprise then that I should have fallen in love with Charlotte Bird’s Christmas scenes. They really capture the excitement, suspense and magic of Christmas.

Another aspect of Charlotte Bird’s photography that really inspires me, is her scenes in woodlands and streams. I adore anything that draws on the mystery and beauty of nature and Charlotte Bird has a wonderful talent for depicting scenes as if she just stumbled upon a scene. There’s nothing forced about her images.

I’m a strong advocate of escapism. Sometimes it can become so easy to slip into ruts or getting lost in the immediacy of money problems or work. It means a lot to me to be able to open a book, or look at a picture or listen to a piece of music that transcends all of that. I cherish the ability to still be awed by something or to still feel a sense of excitement and magic over things like Hallowe’en or Christmas.

Through Charlotte Bird’s works, there’s still hope of wonders to be found at the bottom of the garden and that it might not be too silly to want to believe in faeries.

Unfortunately, I don’t own any of Charlotte Bird’s prints, which is such a shame as they must add so much character to a house. I am very keen to get her book Tales from Fairyland as soon as I am able. It’s a little on the expensive side. I’m sure it is worth it though, I’m always swayed by collectors editions, especially when they are signed by the artist.


6 thoughts on “Tales from Fairyland ~ Charlotte Bird

  1. Hi Gothic Moon,
    I just found this thread. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my work.I was so taken back by your lovely comments. The book is still available ,but only just. I have about 8 copies left.
    They are all hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticiy. The price does include postage. It was expensive to produce that Is why I made it into a lmited edition, so it was worth the price.It also contains a lot of my fairy poetry and short stories.

    If you would like to e mail me your address, I can pop a free CD slideshow of my artwork in the post .
    I also have a new website now with lots of new work.

    Thanks you so much again for your apprciation
    Kindest regards
    Charlotte Bird x

  2. gothicmoomin says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for commenting on my Blog.

    I think I actually have your slideshow! I got it with a copy of Faerie Magazine once upon a time 🙂

    I’m sure your book is well worth the money and I look forward to eventually purchasing it myself 🙂

    My mother actually bought me some of your prints for Christmas which are now happily residing on my kitchen wall.

    Thank you again for stopping by and I will be sure to visit your new website.

  3. Tracey-anne says:

    I adore Charlottes work, lets bring all the magic into light :0)

  4. Sandra Johnson says:

    Where can i buy Charlotte Bird book , Tales from Fairyland?
    I have searched online and cant find it any where .

    • gothicmoomin says:

      I have checked Charlotte Bird’s website and the book is unfortunately sold out. This was a limited edition book. Charlotte said that it was very expensive to produce which is why she limited it to 100 copies.

      Hopefully, it will be re-released at some point as I missed out on a copy as well.

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