The Enchanted Art of Jessica Galbreth


I have been a follower of Jessica Galbreth‘s for a number of years.  Her paintings consist of gothic and fantasy, faeries, myths and legends. Jessica’s paintings don’t usually have elaborate backgrounds as the main focus is always the figure she is portraying.


I love Jessica’s paintings because there’s always a sense of mystery, that we’re just getting a sneak peek.

Jessica also has a wonderful book; The Enchanted World of Jessica Galbreth which contains a collection of her paintings along with commentary by Jessica. It’s a must have for followers of the genre.

After perusing Jessica’s website today,I discovered that she’s working on a wonderful sounding series called The Gothic Masquerade. It sounds right up my street and I can’t wait to see more!


I love masquerade masks and I’ve always had a yearning to have been able to attend a masquerade ball in Venice. Perhaps it’s superficial but I adore elaborate ball gowns and masquerade masks. I’m not much for dancing. Not for lack of desire, but lack of talent, so I’d definitely be a wall flower on such an occasion!


Jessica is also obviously a lover of Autumn. Lots of her paintings have an autumnal feel, which is definitely appealing to me and my favourite has to be Mask Of Autumn which is not only a celebration of Autumn, but also incorporates a masquerade mask. This painting was also used as the front cover for Jessica’s book.



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