Tim Minchin: Are You Ready For This?

Evil Tim

I first became aware of Tim Minchin several months ago. He was on the Culture Show and I remember thinking at the time that he looked pretty kooky and the fact that he played piano added to his appeal. Unfortunately, I didn’t let the appeal take me any further and the thought of investigating further slipped out of my mind.

It wasn’t until my partner and I were visiting friends that Tim Minchin was brought back to the forefront of my mind and it took me a few minutes to realise that it was the guy that had inspired that initial interest months before.

Our friends had his So F**king Rock dvd and our friends knowing me as well as they do, played it because they thought it would be right up my street.  They weren’t wrong! It was instant love.

Not only did Tim Minchin just look cool with his kooky contact lenses and the girly mascara, but his stage presence was awesome. There’s just something instantly likeable about him and his faux-awkwardness is really endearing and captivating. Yes, his songs are silly, but in my opinion, they’re also comic genius and the way he plays piano is mesmerising.

His dvd requires repeated viewing, not only because it’s just a pleasure to watch over and over and over (rinse and repeat), but because you might pick something up that you missed on a previous viewing because you were laughing too much.

When we got home after visiting our friends, the first thing my partner did was order So F**king Rock and it hasn’t been far away from our dvd/Blu-ray player ever since.

One evening, we randomly decided to check out the THSH website, to see if Tim was touring and as luck would have it, tickets were available at Birmingham Town Hall for his Ready For This? tour. Tickets were promptly bought and the concert was just last night.

Not only was I looking forward to being in the same room as Tim, but it would be the first time I’d been inside Birmingham Town Hall. It had always looked pretty impressive from the outside:

Birmingham Town Hall from Chamberlain Square

I have to say, I was just impressed with the inside. We had plenty of leg room and despite being quite far back from the stage, the view was great. There was a sense of the grandiose without being overt and it felt surprisingly intimate.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get a quick photo of the stage before Tim came on. Photography of any kind was banned which is perfectly reasonable, but I just wanted to get a photo of the stage from where we were sitting (seats 22 and 23, Row F, Circle):


The atmosphere was electric. There was a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air and it was great to be a part of. All day, it hadn’t seemed real that we were going to be seeing Tim and it wasn’t until we sat down that the excitement really hit and I know that I was feeling positively giddy waiting for Tim to come on stage.

At no point was I disappointed. I spent the whole concert either enthusiastically clapping or with a grin fixed to my face.

I won’t give away the set list for people that might be reading this who are planning on seeing Tim in the next few months, but I will say that his themes of grammar, evolution, narrow-mindedness and religion are addressed in his inimitable way.

My partner and I really wanted a memento for the day, so we bought a souvenir programme which included a tour poster and a canvas bag. I also broke down and bought the Ready For This? cd which I am currently listening to for inspiration for this post.

There were some wonderful touches, like Tim’s interaction with the crowd and the fact that while we were exiting the hall for the interval to get some fresh air, we were played out by The Interval Song.

The concert contained predominantly new material, but there were also some old favourites thrown in which the crowd went wild for, myself and my partner included!

We came out of the concert on a real high and talked excitedly about our shared experience as we battled the Saturday night masses of Broad Street.

The real bonus though, is that we’re seeing him again on Hallowe’en at Birmingham Symphony Hall. I think seeing him once has only further fuelled my excitement at the prospect of being able to see him again.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I think I’m an even bigger Tim Minchin fan now than I was before. Not bad at all for £17.50 a ticket!

To end, a photo my partner got of me before we left the house. I’ve got some scary red eye going on:


F**k I love boobs though….


This is Gothicmoomin’s Dark Place

I have always been a bit of a Live Journal dinosaur. I have kept journals on there since 2001 and while I haven’t exactly become disenchanted with Live Journal, the changing hands of ownership recently has been a bit of a concern. Perhaps I’m just a creature of habit and I don’t react well to change!

This isn’t going to really contain any personal information. I had/have a community on Live Journal regarding fantasy art and music, but I seem to be the only person who posts on there with any kind of regularity, so I thought I might as well go it alone and start posting about my passions for my own pleasure, rather than attempt to garner interest from others.

People are very welcome to read my posts, but this will largely be for me.

I have to say, I am looking forward to posting loads of wonderful pictures without being inhibited by worry that it will annoy people when they’re reading their friends page!

by Susan McKivergan

by Susan McKivergan